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New Build House: Scottish Borders

At the end of a row of existing cottages this new house nestles under the shelter of a mature tree and gives its owners extensive views across farmland to distant hills. Bedrooms and Kitchen are accommodated in the central space of the house that complements the form of the neighbouring buildings while the living room and dining room to the side and rear make full use of the volume of their roofs which also extend to give a covered area over the rear door. The house is insulated to a high standard and heated by an air-source heat pump.

New Build House: Scottish Borders

This new house replaces a 1960s bungalow which had fallen into disrepair. The site is accessed via a private drive lined with beech trees. Where possible original hedges and planting were retained to provide privacy and help the new house appear established. The house has 4 double bedrooms and generous open plan living space to the ground floor. The siting and orientation of the house allows it to enjoy south west views out across open farmland, whilst maintaining privacy from the access road. The house is finished with smooth white render and larch cladding..

Alterations to Private House: Scottish Borders

The original 1970s house was extended to the side and rear to provide a series of large open plan living spaces on the first floor, with bedroom and ancillary accommodation on the ground floor. A terrace was formed overlooking the rear garden whilst the elevated living accommodation has panoramic, south facing views over the valley to the hills beyond. A large roof over sails a smaller mono pitch roof over the kitchen and dining area and clerestory glazing floods light into the 1 ½ storey volume of the living spaces. The house has been highly insulated and benefits from a new log burning gasifying boiler to complement its two wood burning stoves.

New Build House:Scottish Borders

We obtained consent for this retirement home in the garden of our client's former house. The house is carefully designed to respect the scale of the adjacent cottage and is set into the slope of the existing land to minimise impact. The lower floor accommodates a bedroom, study and open plan kitchen/dining area in addition to ancillary accommodation, whilst the main living space and a further bedroom are located on the upper level. The house is traditionally detailed to respect its surroundings. The cast iron rainwater goods, slate roof and whinstone street elevation contrast with the crisp, contemporary interior.

New Build House: Scottish Borders

We obtained Planning Permission under the local authority's Mansion House Policy for this substantial detached family house set in 18 acres of woodland nestled between fields and hills. The house is accessed via a winding drive which descends to an open clearing where the house is located. It takes on a classical form with the principal accommodation flanked by wings to either side The garage and a detached boiler house enclose a paved courtyard to the west side of the house. The main house is set out on axis with a stone weather vane located in the adjacent open farmland.

Alterations to Private House: Scottish Borders

The property was originally built in the 1970 and had been extended a number of times in the past. The project removed an existing extension to provide a living room and roof terrace which would allow the client to take full advantage of the open views to the south. A mono pitch roof ties in with the profile of the existing whilst providing natural light to the room below via twin velux roof lights. The roof terrace is accessed via an external spiral stair.

Alterations to Private House: Scottish Borders

The project involved the demolition of an existing garage and the extension of the original house to form a large garden room, double garage and dressing room/shower room to the master bedroom. The garden room cuts through the original garden wall to open up extensive views of the garden and surrounding countryside. The client integrated their landscape design around the new garden room to provide a stylish backdrop to the extension.

Steading Conversion: Midlothian

With its two central courtyards covered by redundant agricultural storage sheds, the existing stonework and roofs required considerable restoration before these buildings could be brought to a new use as flexible office space and holiday accommodation. A Regional Park location also meant that stringent planning policies needed to be satisfied. Historical records were consulted to determine the original layout of the buildings, much of which was re-instated.

New Build House: Isle of Islay

The project involved the design of a modest detached dwelling in a remote rural setting. The design respected the scale and proportion of the local vernacular whilst utilising contemporary techniques and energy efficient building methods. The house is highly insulated and harnesses the abundant supply of wind power the exposed site offers. Internally the accommodation is ranged around a double height stair well with west facing roof and wall glazing. The living areas benefit from panoramic views out over the raised beach towards the Atlantic

New Build House: Scottish Borders

This project utilises the site's gently sloping profile to provide split level and double height living spaces while maintaining a form that complements the traditional buildings in the surrounding hamlet.

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