Smidge Repellent

With the midge season upon us we are now fully stocked with our favourite repellent Smidge (£8.50) and a selection of fine mesh head nets (£5.00) to pull over your hat to keep them at bay

Active Ingredient:

The active ingrdient in Smidge is 20% Picardin (Saltidin®) which can give you up to 8 hours repellent protection.

Unlike DEET it is not corrosive to plastics so it won't melt your precious kit.

The World Health Organisation have assessed Picardin to have excellent repellent properties against mosquitos and other disease-carrying insects.

Works against mosquitos, midges, horse flies, sand flies and ticks

Scientifically Field-tested:

Smidge  has been field-tested in some of the most midge-infested areas of Scotland.

Suitable for All the Family:

Smidge is safe for adults and children over 24 month. It is water-resistant but you'll need to remember to re-apply it every 8 hours or more frequesntly if you've been swimming, perspiring heavily, or been exposed to very wet or humid conditions.

It has been tested to rigorous cosmetic standards so it is non-sticky, moisturising and smells pleasant too.